Simracingcoach and Augury Simulations in Newspress

The team of Simracingcoach and Augury Simulations were responsible for installing and configuring a professional simulator in the facilities of Newspress Spain in Madrid (Agency of communication of the motor world).




It was attended by an international eminence in this sector, Ramiro Mansanet, pilot, sports journalist and country manager of Newspress Spain, as well as commentator on several TV channels. Currently commenting on Formula E and other events worldwide.




The simulator consists of the following components:

  • Chassis with aluminum profiles
  • Augury Open Sim Wheel Kit (OSW)
  • SRC GT-1 steering wheel
  • Sparco EVO III baquet
  • Vibration system with 4 Bodyshakers (BS-200) with Simvibe
  • HE Pedals PRO Pedal
  • Shifter H Fanatec
  • Benq GW760HS Screens
  • Oculus Rift CV1
  • High-end computer with Nvidia GTX 1070

A professional simulator according to the client’s needs, with installed titles such as Assetto Corsa, Automobilista and iRacing.







The added value of this type of facilities is always that of a correct configuration, since the hardware itself does not provide the “realistic” feeling that is intended for them, that is why it is mandatory that the internal parameters of each one are configured and the values in each simulator in accordance with each car and circuit.
In that aspect, it can be said that the configuration achieved provided a difficult feeling to match because the explanations that Ramiro transmitted to the assembly team were well interpreted to reach the marked goal.






Many journalists, pilots and brand managers of the motor world have tried it and will continue to test it in future months, enjoying the maximum of the sensations provided by a direct drive steering wheel (Augury Kit OSW), professional pedalboard and seat vibration system, in addition to feeling inside the cockpit thanks to the virtual reality helmets (Oculus Rift CV1).


Ramiro Mansanet’s review:

After several hours of testing by Ramiro Mansanet, together with the close collaboration of the Simracingcoach team and Augury Simulations for the correct calibration and settings, it was:

“I think I will never touch anything else, the feeling that is transmitted to me seems sublime …”






We thank David Peris and Ramiro Mansanet for everything and for having us, we wish you can continue enjoying the Simracing world at the highest level.




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