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We are pleased to announce that Augury Simulations will be a partner of  Teo Martín Motorsport, a professional racing team that participates in different categories.







  • In 2015 they won the International GT Open championship with the magnificent McLaren 650S GT3.




  • In 2016 they again won the International GT Open. This time they got the team championship with two new and spectacular BMW M6 GT3.




  • World Series Formula V8 3.5

Dallara T12, single-seater with benefits similar to those of a Formula 1 and high aerodynamic performance.




  • Euroformula Open

Dallara F312, Dallara F312, carbon monocoque with 4 cylinder engine – 2,000 cc.




  • Junio Team

Teo Martín Motorsport is committed to racing motorsport and in its Junior Team even the youngest can develop all their skills.





  • Teo Martín Motorsport Center

Located in one of the most privileged places in Madrid, it has more than 12,000 m2 distributed in different areas.



  • University Center for Automotive and Research R + D + I  (MSI Teo Martín Mortosport)

The new degree in Industrial Engineering will be taught from the next academic year 2018/2019, with mentions of automotive, industrial organization, industrial technology and robotics. In addition, it also includes the professional training of superior technician in Automotive Mechanics course.

Both institutions join with great enthusiasm to train the engineers and mechanics of the future, with a solid practical training and the best facilities, and thus meeting the needs of the market.





  • Driver Academy

They work with their own athletes in their physical, mental, nutritional and academic preparation.




  • eSportS

The Teo Martín Motorsport team has decided to take the leap to eSports to compete in the most prestigious SimRacing races and championships.

Of course he counts among his ranks with
Julian Rodriguez (team manager) and who is in charge of bringing, along with his teammates, the name of Teo Martin eSports to the top.






  • Racing Car Museum

One of the most important collections in the world with more than 100 vehicles of all types of brands and categories of motorsport.




Juan Zapata (Simulaje) and Jesus Perez (Co-Founder of Augury Simulations) at the Teo Martin facilities.



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