Jesús Sicilia, new member Augury

We have the pleasure of being able to count in our ranks one of the “TOP” racing drivers (Simracer) in the national and international scene, Jesus Sicilia.







Champion of the Spanish final of GT Academy (2012) and European finalist. His mentors were Dani Clos, (former Formula 1 driver) and Lucas Ordoñez (GT Academy champion and current official Nissan driver).






Kazunori Yamauchi (Creator of the Gran Turismo saga) did not take his eyes off the great piloting of Sicilia:



Kazunori Yamauchi y Jesus Sicilia.



Champion of the Ford Performance Challenge (2015), pilot of the iRacing world championship for three consecutive years, being one of the fastest riders on the grid and a host of championships behind him that ratify him as one of the greats of the SimRacing. Holder of a Guinness record, invited by Ford Europe, driving for 48 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds, and completing 41,004 virtual kilometers and 3,015 laps.







World Record iRacing (24 hours of SPA with the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3):


[lyte id=”oiOSW9iHx04″ /]




Updated (2018):

Winner of the MundoGT Open Wheel Championship with the Odox Motorsport team.




Jesús Sicilia:

“It is a huge honor for me to be able to work together with a company as big and prestigious as Augury Simulations in this sector. I am eager to start working with them and to do my bit in this exciting project. “




Join our team to continue growing together in this project and move towards a common goal, making SimRacing even bigger. It will put in value all your track experience, both virtual and real, to help us offer the maximum possible realism in all our products. It will be responsible for carrying out the functions of “Betatester” and customer service.

Al igual que tú, estamos deseando empezar este nuevo proyecto contigo.Like him, we are looking forward to starting this new project with you.


Welcome Jesus !

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