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 Augury setting for iRacing



This setting was created by our professional drivers before the 10/01/19 so if there were new updates by the iRacing simulator is likely not to get the desired sensations, so we recommend visiting again this guide.


Setting indicated only for SimuCUBE boards using SimuCUBE software (we recommend testing with versions 0.11.2 or later).



Steps to follow:


1.- 1.- We open our app.ini file (it is usually inside the My Documents – iRacing folder). (we recommend to save the current file in case we want to go back again).

and in the zone of [Force Feedback] we put the values of the following image (press the image to see it in big size):

2.-  In the SimuCUBE Software in the Profiles tab, select the following values:

In Hardware Setup:

3.-  Inside iRacing in the Options:

This setting is indicated for Formula 2.0 ; For other cars we will need to raise or lower the force within iRacing (70Nm currently) and even change the percentage within the SimuCUBE software in the Profiles tab (Damper – Friction – Inertia) until we leave it to our liking.

Remember that if you want to increase the sensation of more force on the steering wheel, you must lower the value of “Max force” below 70 Nm.


<< The tests were done with the 18Nm servomotor, with other servomotors we will change the force within iRacing >>.

Step-by-step guide to using the AUGURY (Direct Drive Wheel).

In this small guide we intend to show how to update your AUGURY from the MMOS software to the new SimuCUBE Software.

Video to upgrade to BiSS-C encoder absolute of 4.2 million CPR in MiGE servomotor.