Purchase process Pack Augury + SRC steering wheels

The purchase of the Pack is divided into 2 parts 



PART 1  : 

Order the Augury (OSW) Direct Drive Wheel in our store.

Continue clicking “Add to Cart” and follow the web steps until the purchase is complete.  

Remember that the price shown only includes the Augury (OSW) without steering wheel.



PART 2  (Order SRC steering wheel):

The purchase of the SRC steering wheel is made directly with the manufacturer Simracingcoach, who will confirm the availability and the final price with the discount applied by purchase of the PAck Augury + Steering Wheel SRC.

Click on the following LINK  to confirm your PACK purchase and we will put you in direct contact with the manufacturer Simracingcoach.

Please note that we do not have information on the delivery time or the final price of the SRC steering wheel, so again we emphasise that the entire process will be managed by Simracingcoach.

To know the estimated price of the Simracingcoach steering wheel you can see it in the STEERING WHEEL (OPTIONAL) section that is in the drop-down of the same page of purchase of the Augury (OSW):