Assembly Augury at Teo Martín Motorsport

On January 20, three members of Augury Simulations Staff went to the Teo Martín Motorsport Center (Madrid) to assemble several units.



When it comes to Teo Martín Motorsport we made them a special edition with their logo on the Augury V (OSW).





  • Assembly in the eSports room:




  • Assembly in the “cockpit GT” simulation room: 

    In the actual chassis of a racing GT, we include one of the Augury V (OSW) units assembled in a carbon fiber panel in the center console.




  • Simulation Room Formula:


Jesus Perez (Co-Founder Augury Simulations) Testing positioning F1 cockpit.




A wonderful weekend in the company of  Teo Martín and Julian Rodriguez.


Teo Martín and Jesus Perez.

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