Growing Together (Simracingcoach)

10 November, 2015

With the passing of time many people fall behind on our journey, this is not the case of Carlos Casas, a person who has shown me sincerity, loyalty, friendship and a lot of professionalism. It is an honor to work side by side with you every day.


We have grown together at times where entrepreneurs have a hard time to keep moving forward. Even so, our desire to do things even better has given us the strength to continue.



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Our friendship is increasingly set in us, where we do not give our Egos room to interfere, giving us the opportunity always to move towards those places that always make us feel proud and this without a doubt, is giving the best of ourselves .

With the great incorporation of  David Lopez, the SRC team has raised even more its good work. I’m glad that everything flows in a great environment where there are no limits.

I’m very happy to be part of something built between us all, where everyone puts their grain of sand. As Carlos would say, !!! You are a “CRACKS” !!!



Team SRC0 - Growing Together (Simracingcoach)


Let’s never forget, why we did it and why we are here “



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