United Friendships (Simulaje)

2 March, 2013

Few times in life there are paths crossed that in the exact moment , inside we know that the person that we just met will become someone important in our life.

This is what happened to me the first day I met the famous Juan Zapata “Simulaje” (JZ for me), in fact at that moment when I was at his house I said: “You and I, we will do something important in the future”. Possibly at that moment he thought “My God, another crazy person” but fate made it happen.

After insisting and insisting with several calls and messages, by the way, do not do this or he will call the police again hehehehe … .. !!!! just kidding !!!! or not : ) ‚Ķ. I got a special steering wheel for my Omega project.


JZ, I’m sorry for showing you in your vest ūüôā¬†

JZ, lo siento por sacarte en camiseta interior : ) 




Since then life has been bringing us much closer to the point that today our companies are part of something larger “The Union of Companies twinned by Simulation.” The dream, the effort, the dedication and good work in the end unite people of the same feeling. Our passion, THE¬†SIMULATION, is something that we carry in our DNA.


JZ and family, a big hug from your friend Jesus Perez.



IMG 9165 - United Friendships (Simulaje)



Logo Simulaje 1 - United Friendships (Simulaje)



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