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30 April, 2017

As we commented in the previous article << Teo Martín Motorsport and Augury Simulations >>, the team Teo Martín Motorsport has decided to take the leap to eSports to compete in the most prestigious races and championships of SimRacing.

For this, it has Augury Simulations, Simulaje and other associated partners so that they can reach the highest level in the world of simulation.






simulador formula msi - Teo Martín eSports




The team is formed by Julián Rodríguez (Team manager of the team), David Pérez, Alvaro Ramiro, Gianmarco Cordova, Pablo Lopez, Víctor Lobato, Alfredo Malo.






Teo Martín:

“Our commitment to Simracing responds to our firm belief that they will be the future of entertainment and even sports and, therefore, our experience in the world of motorsport will be key to helping our simracers to extract their full driving potential as a technician in terms of knowledge of cars. I am sure that soon we will be a reference in this world and there is no better way to start this road than in the 24 Hours of Le Mans where we will go all in “.




audinurb - Teo Martín eSports




You can follow all the news of the team by clicking on the logo

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